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Customized banking solutions. Options for complex loan scenarios. Access to capital or cash. Our diverse range of commercial products and services can be personalized for your unique business needs.

Online investing with You Invest

You Invest by United Bank for Africa is a smart, low-cost way to invest online offering options to trade on your own or get smart portfolios managed for you.

PTB Advisor

Want the help of a dedicated advisor to develop a personalized strategy? Your United Bank for Africa advisor gets to know you, your family and your goals to plan a path tailored to your financial reality.


We can help you choose the right account, and get you set up on a path to a more comfortable retirement.

A major purchase

Buying a new home? Opening your own business? Get the info you need to take that next big step confidently.

Education savings

We’ll help you plan for the costs financial aid may not cover, so you can earn interest now instead of paying it later.